Disclaimer : This is not a “How to ” guide for automatic booking.

I was booking a vaccination appointment for my relative through AarogyaSetu Android application and I observed how quickly the slots were gone. So I decided to look inside the application and CoWIN portal and found some interesting things. Things that can be exploited, things that can be used to create Automatic Booking application or a simple script that’ll notify and schedule an appointment for you whenever slot is available.

No vital information is disclosed in this blog
Most of the information is conversed in high level.


Have you seen Apple iOS’s parallax wallpaper? If you enable “Perspective Zoom” in your iOS’s wallpaper setting, you’ll find your HomeScreen will respond visually as per your device’s tilt/position. It’s simple eye trickery but it looks impressive.

Here is an example of what we’re gonna build today.

Abhi Tripathi

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